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NFL Team Sponsorship Sales

#transformVirtualNFL Team Sponsorship Sales

NFL Team Sponsorship Sales

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NFL Team Sponsorship Sales

The Challenge

The organization was challenged with reselling to the same sponsors for a new development project. These sponsors had already invested a significant amount of money with the team. The organization’s designs for the new development were more team-centric than sponsor-centric. Typically, sponsors are accustomed to teams taking the sponsor agency ideas rather than the team’s designs.

The Stakes

The organization needed to secure $70 M in sponsorships over 10 years.

The Journey

Advent dove into understanding the stories associated with the team and the brand. Through evaluation and assessment, the Advent team gained insight into the nuances of the sales process and how to move the sponsors. The design and story teams created a story narrative approach to selling the sponsorship assets, as opposed to simply focusing on data and logic. Advent coached the organization’s sales team in the most persuasive way to present the ideas and empowered the team to sell in a new and different way.

The Results

The sponsorship sales team has sold $140M over 10 years. Missing out on $70M would have led to both an industry awareness of the failure and put the overall financial viability of new development at risk. The sponsorship team now has a new way to execute on their initiatives and a confidence in their ability to drive revenue while staying in control of how the brand is viewed and the experiences created.

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June 15, 2020