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NCAA Division 1 Athletic Program

#transformVirtualNCAA Division 1 Athletic Program

NCAA Division 1 Athletic Program

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The Challenge

Administrators faced serious sanctions from the NCAA. They were overwhelmed with information and uncertain about how to present their case. There was great apprehension about the program’s future.They felt they were being singled out and treated differently, even when they tried to cooperate.

The Stakes

All of the program’s sports would be penalized, and the student-athletes’ dreams would be crushed. Recruiting could be destroyed and many world-class coaches would leave without equal replacements.

The Journey

  • Advent joined administrators and offered empathy and expertise. Through an expedited series of meetings and strategy sessions, our team employed these tactics:
  • Audience insight and analysis to determine what moves their audience (NCAA)
  • Craft and organized the message for maximum impact
  • Structured the presentation to support the message
  • Coached and trained presenters
  • Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse

The Results

  • The NCAA closed the case with no punishment.
  • From presumed guilty to exonerated
  • From media circus to now it’s behind us
  • From unsure how to make case clear to organized and confident
Transform Virtual
June 14, 2020