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Leading Global Technology Company

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Leading Global Technology Company

The Challenge

COVID-19 forced the closing of in-person customer visitor centers across the globe. Travel was shut down. All customer experiences were now virtual and there was no contingency plan to replace the in-person experience. Time was of the essence.

The Stakes

As a leader in the tech world, the company could not afford to look like a rookie. In addition, the company was in the process of changing its brand to a more empathetic storytelling brand, which became more challenging in the absence of face-to-face interactions.

The Journey

Advent listened. Our team was invited to view their current virtual presentation and give immediate feedback. Because of our firm’s expertise in experience creation, the client trusted our team to help them be better.

Advent’s experts began with an internal “Sandbox” to debrief on our observations. We broke down their presentation from the vantage point of the audience and their needs and wants. What followed was a series of sessions where the team analyzed components of the customer experience, including the pre-meeting experience, in-meeting experience and post-meeting experience. The team focused on what the client wanted their audiences to feel, know, remember and do. A slate of actions that were easy and quick to implement were delivered first, followed by subsequent phases of recommendations.

The Results

The client was able to pivot quickly to offer their customers a brand-centric experience that did not rely on face-to-face interactions. The company was equipped with tools and templates that were scalable and most importantly engaging and experiential. Their customers continued to view them as a company of experts, with no loss to the brand.


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June 15, 2020