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Why Transform Virtual?

Virtual experiences are hurting brands.
Customer expectations are not being met. 


We were all masters of the face-to-face, but virtual dilutes our ability to engage.

The use of virtual tools adds complications that interfere with the human connection.  

Sales teams are losing their mojo.    

Deal-makers (persuaders) have lost their advantages.  

Medical professionals are losing trust with their patients.  

Educators’ reputations and credibility are not coming through the screen.  

Virtual Experiences are holding us back from being our best selves and from representing our brands as the audience expects.  It’s time we Transform Virtual and create an experience that moves people.  


Organizations need a standard, a playbook, a best practice that understands the audience, and designs and outlines better, more elevated experiences.


Underperforming organizations need a scalable, tailored set of tools that considers the complete experience and maps the audience journey. 
Virtual experiences can be effective.  Leading organizations will capitalize on this focus on virtual to transform their organization and outpace their competitors.


Created by Advent, Transform Virtual is built on the framework we’ve used to help hundreds of organizations transform their engagement practices.


We turn audiences into fans.

Sales Teams Are Losing Their Mojo

While the fundamentals of persuasion have not changed, their delivery have radically shifted.

Deal Makers Have Lost Their Advantages

Screen fatigue, distractions and the lack of non-verbal cues have robbed influencers of their confidence.

Medical staff are losing their patients' trust.

Doctors and nurses feel the pressure to learn technical skills to go with their medical training.

How It Works

Our four-step process takes you through your organization’s virtual customer journey. We evaluate the experience and help you build a customized strategy to engage your audiences and set you apart from your competitors.

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Start The Transformation.

Our Work

Advent has helped some of the world’s most valuable brands, sales groups and service providers transform their experiences from impotent to strong and from lackluster to wow!  We turn audiences into fans.

Administrators faced serious sanctions from the NCAA. They were overwhelmed with information and uncertain about how to present their case. There was great apprehension about the program’s future.They felt they were being singled out and treated differently, even when they tried to cooperate.

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The organization was challenged with reselling to the same sponsors for a new development project. These sponsors had already invested a significant amount of money with the team. The organization’s designs for the new development were more team-centric than sponsor-centric. Typically, sponsors are accustomed to teams taking the sponsor agency ideas rather than the team’s designs.

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COVID-19 forced the closing of in-person customer visitor centers across the globe. Travel was shut down. All customer experiences were now virtual and there was no contingency plan to replace the in-person experience. Time was of the essence.

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